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Toronto_2 July 21, 2007

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Mark walked into the breakfast with his new iphone.  I played with the phone all the way to the meeting and couldn’t let go.  It’s such a cool phone.  So jealous.

Rain in Toronto the first day, but the weather was so nice the next day. 

Angela is such a funny girl.  In her meeting notes, she said “Joan eats everything besides the last bite of her sanwiches and cookies,..A lot of girls actually do that!”  I wasn’t even aware of that.  Good to know…always saving the last bite….interesting…

The dinner was in a nice stake house.  Too bad I can only order a garden salad and a side vegi.  The stake smell just drove me crazy…So hard to be a vegi…such a limited selection…AT LEAST the wine was good…

Dr. G offered to be on my committee.  He said if it will help to have a industry person on the list.  He doesn’t mind to do that.  I wasn’t sure how to react to that one.  Doesn’t even think about that one yet since I need to come out with the research topics first…

It’s generally a good trip for me since I never had the chance to meet the whole team up there.  It’s good to get the personal touch with the project team and put the names and faces together.  I hope the relationship building will go a long way for getting the job done in the future.  Too bad Jason doesn’t make it this time…



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