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paper February 27, 2007

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Have been tried to get permission on the data so I can send the paper out.  Can’t believe Mark is trying to kill it even before the reviewers.  Trying to rationalize with him that it’s not going to affect the company at all.  I hope under those conditions that I specified he will have it approved.  For god sake, who really reads journal papers nowaday….It’s not even that interesting…


“Happy” Pig Year February 20, 2007

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The worst chinese new year ever.  Funny is too lazy and busy.  She doesn’t even want to go out to eat at all.  I was in school doing econometric homework the whole weekend.  No celebration.  No family.  No holiday food.  Doesn’t even feel a single bite of the biggest holiday at all around here.  So sad…Things are really falling apart…I am sure I am the one to blame…

Momo February 15, 2007

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Have to cancel two meetings this morning to take Momo to the Dr.  Momo somehow injured her right shoulder.  She has been limbing for a few days.  I thought she just gets numbed on her feets because of sleep.  Finally noticed that she had trouble walking last night and made the appointment the first thing this morning.

The doctor gave her a shot to relief her pain and then took three X-rays.  Turns out that she had a fraction of bone stick out  in there.  The doctor said that there are only two options.  One is surgery to remove it.  The second one is medication.  He said it’s probably not a good idea to do a major surgery like this in her age since it might be hard for her to recover from the surgery.  Therefore, we decided to put her in medication and go back after two weeks. 

Shoot an email to Jen and explain the situation.  Jen is crying on the phone.  She doesn’t want Momo to be in pain all the time.  I told her we don’t have a choice here since Momo is too old to take the surgery even if she wants to spend the money. 

It’s so sad to have to see Momo limbing and be in pain like that this morning.  Completely breaks my heart.  It really hit me big time to realize that Momo is getting that old.  I told Jen if the medication is not working out or if the situation gets worse, I don’t want to be the one to put her down.  I just can’t put myself through that…


Manish’s daughter’s BD party… February 11, 2007

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Diya is three years old.  Such a cute baby when I first met her.  She loves the barbie doll I gave her and we play the barbie for a while until people start showing up. 

Surprise to see Dr. Murthi and Kumar showing up in the party with their family.  Kumar had two cute boys aged at 9 and 7.   I can’t even remember their names.  So hard to pronounce.  I asked them if they have girlfriends in school and they denied it.  Seema said it’s normal to have such a huge party for kid’s BD in India.  For me, it looks more like a social events for the parents. 

Manish ordered a lot of Indian food that I get to try all of them a little bite.  Very tasty, actually.  I think it’s not as spicy as they wanted, but it’s perfect for me.  Sonika, Seema, and Vic all got some left over to take home.  Work out perfect for them as well.

This is the first Indian family party I have participated.  It’s very interesting to see the culture differences.  Women are dressed traditionally (very colorful and beautiful sari).  I was mostly impressed with this little girl’s sari.  She looks so cute in it.  I would love to try on sari someday.  Should be fun…