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Work is shitty; school is depressing; What now? February 23, 2006

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Start getting the sweet taste of office politics this quarterly presentation event.  I spent all that time doing the analysis for Maggiano’s customer profiles and Chili’s analysis. Ending up the vendor who is doing the presentation said “we did an analysis for Maggiano’s” and basically quoting my analysis results during the presentation.  Hello, in front of me… I am there as well.  What the hell do you think you can claim the analysis when you have done nothing… Is this how vendor treating their clients nowaday??  #$*$&*()@#$*

With Chili’s analysis, spend all that time doing the analysis, ending up Eric took all the analysis results and compile into his own presentation and presented himself to the brand during the quarterly presentation. So we can’t even attend his presentation. 

What is up with people?  Stealing other people’s hard work and taking credits left and right and getting away with it as well.  This just makes me so mad. 

Anyway, they can steal whatever information they want to steal.  What they can not steal is up in my head.  That’s more important than anything else… 


Right after Sun’s depression with school, claiming that he wants to quit the whole thing and go home because he is in serious home sick… 

Marina is having issues with the professor and intentionally missing classes…  I guess she have enough with the program as well 

And now, Vic said he doesn’t know why he is doing what he is doing… I can’t believe even Vic is down… At least he is easy to fix.  Just need to feed him and he is back and running…

Marina and Sun are harder to get around…. It’s all mental… 

Godly, this program is just full of depression.  It’s so intense that not any normal person can stay put… 

I really don’t know what I am going to get out from here… Maybe I am just wasting my time as well especially with my weak background in math…  A dream might still be a dream…. Doesn’t matter how hard you try… When the gap is huge… 

This is gonna break my heart…




Why PHD? February 19, 2006

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Got into a discussion with Sun today.  He mentioned that how different people have different perception of doing PHD.  Some people do it to become the researchers.  Some want to become a professor.  Some think it’s a step upward for the job.  PHD friends and family are just proud. 

Someone told me one time that PHD is just someone who doesn’t know anything else, but just knows a lot of one thing.  Vic also mentioned once that one thing that we get out of the PHD program is just thinking differently.

Is it worth the time and money?  Why put yourself through the painful process?  Is there really going to be a PHD at the end of the tunnel?  At what point do you know that you are not gonna make it? 


Love an’t for loser February 18, 2006

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“You need strength; love is not easy,” says McMurtry. “It’s not easy if you find (it), it’s not easy if you don’t find it. It’s not easy if you find it but it doesn’t work out. It merely says the strong survive, but not everybody is strong.”

When and how to say “no” at work? February 17, 2006

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Feel serious dumping at work.  Maggiano’s analysis is like never gonna be done.  Revision after revision (V6).  Debra needs to get her own hand on the presentation deck.  I mean the analysis is done.  My job is done. I should not be the one fixing your stupid color and font.  What a wasting of my time and the company money?

Chili’s urban analysis – Eric keeps asking running crosstabs on little thing that I don’t even know if they are relevant.  I mean, I love to help you to run all that numbers, but it’s quarterly reporting period.  Can we do it some other time?  I think the story is so straight forward that Asians don’t like you.  Just get the big picture.  It’s not gonna help you to see all the other numbers.  It’s still the same story you are getting. 

Reviewing all the brand tracker quarterly powerpoint presentations.  I mean, I don’t mind doing it.  However, I don’t even know the project well enough to understand what’s going on with each brand and what do they want with it.  Mark, that’s like too much trust here.  I am a analyst, not a project manager.  Is this a sign that I might be the one who is going to manager this project for you and do all the project management work for you?  It’s scary.  I don’t think I am such a good project management person…

I am not sure what’s the problem with the vendor.  Jennifer will be so nice when talking to Mark, but she will just keep saying no with everything that I ask her to look at.  Get a grip, girl.  I am not your ememy.  I am doing you a favor to go through the deck with you.  I mean it’s better that I found the errors and have you double checks on the issues before you go out there presenting to all your clients.  It’s not even my project (yet??).     

When you are overwhelmed with all the work?  When and how did you say no, especially they are your internal clients who are using the information of your study?  As long as they are using the data you support, you have a job.   So should you say no to them at all or should you just say “yes”, but “later.”  It’s a job.  Sometimes you just have to suck it up and do it without any choices. 

As Jaime said  “At least you have a comp card” 

I guess I shouldn’t be complaining……..  At least I got a comp card…. That said it all, isn’t it? 


NOVO1 February 13, 2006

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Went out for lunch with Emily today.  The Tai place “Mint” is really good.  Yummy! 

She said all the analysts are looking for new jobs.  NOVO1 loses two biggest accounts this year.  I guess the layoff will come sooner or later.   So glad that I get out of there before all these happened.  Poor Marion, losing three analysts in one year and now she has to inform her new analysts to look for other jobs. 

Brokeback Mountain February 12, 2006

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A so called “gay cowboy” movie by Ang Lee.  8 oscar nominations.  A must go movie since it’s the “tradition” movie with Dad.  Went with Vic, Sun, Marina and her fiancee this weekend.  Marina and the fiancee are definitely not very fond of the movie.  Sun might be in a cultural shock now.  Vic wants to watch “final destination III” from the begining.  Consider a failure movie night. 

The movie is definitely too slow.  Not going to appeal to general public, especially in Texas.  However, it’s still a good movie with the contents and controversials.  A movie makes people ponder. 

I guess I am lucky to have good gay friends all these years so that I become more open-minded, acceptable, understanding and not as judgemental.

Athidos, remember, I didn’t even find out about you after knowing you for two years.  We become such good friends that I didn’t have any other choices but to accept you.  You lucky bastard.  Later on, Jaime comes alone.  Never met anyone with such a good heart that you can’t even disgust him.  Anyway, you guys are great.  Teach me how to become a “happy shinny” person, in a sense a “gay” person.  Thanks for the great attitude all these years.  Love you guys.   

Comp Card in the house! February 10, 2006

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Finally got my comp card from Brinker…Party time…

Happy Birthday! Joan! February 7, 2006

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My BD wishes (1) A on Statistics Class

                     (2) A on Bass Seminar

                     (3) Finish Second Research Paper

Can I have more than 3 wishes???

Anyway,         (4) Finding my Mr. Right

                     (5) Lossing 20 pounds


Bad News and Good News February 1, 2006

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Bad:  Received a court order to appear in front of the court on Feb 7th 7:00PM for the speeding ticket.  I guess my intent to dismiss the ticket got lose in the mail by the stupid post office.  Guess what, I can’t go to the court at that time since I have a statistic test on Feb 7th 5:30pm.  Try to change to date with the court and it’s a negative.  There is my only chance to do it.  Damn, I think I am paying the ticket and let the second ticket going on my driving record now.  Before anyone start screaming at me, I double check with the texas department public safety website and it takes four tickets to get my license dismiss.  So I am still ok with two up there.

Good news: I am officially a Brinkerhead now.  Just sign the offer letter and will start permanent tomorrow.  Wow, eating Chili’s for 100% off now.  Got to go get my comp card.