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Toronto_2 July 21, 2007

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Mark walked into the breakfast with his new iphone.  I played with the phone all the way to the meeting and couldn’t let go.  It’s such a cool phone.  So jealous.

Rain in Toronto the first day, but the weather was so nice the next day. 

Angela is such a funny girl.  In her meeting notes, she said “Joan eats everything besides the last bite of her sanwiches and cookies,..A lot of girls actually do that!”  I wasn’t even aware of that.  Good to know…always saving the last bite….interesting…

The dinner was in a nice stake house.  Too bad I can only order a garden salad and a side vegi.  The stake smell just drove me crazy…So hard to be a vegi…such a limited selection…AT LEAST the wine was good…

Dr. G offered to be on my committee.  He said if it will help to have a industry person on the list.  He doesn’t mind to do that.  I wasn’t sure how to react to that one.  Doesn’t even think about that one yet since I need to come out with the research topics first…

It’s generally a good trip for me since I never had the chance to meet the whole team up there.  It’s good to get the personal touch with the project team and put the names and faces together.  I hope the relationship building will go a long way for getting the job done in the future.  Too bad Jason doesn’t make it this time…


Toronto July 19, 2007

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Flight got delayed.  Didn’t flight in until midnight.  This India driver stood right outside the exit and asked me to see if I need a taxi.  I said yes.  He took me down to the parking lot, picked up his car and drove me to the hotel.  Charge me like $60 ($10 dollar more than Mark told me).  I guess I forgot to negotiate before getting in his car.

It’s a really nice hotel.  Got a little suite with kitchen.  It’s very upscale and cosmopolitan just as it’s name said “Cosmopolitan Hotel.”  The taxi driver told me it’s a new hotel.  There is a CD player in the room and it’s playing the soothing music when you walk in.  Like the idea.


Feeling kind of hugry since I only had garden salad and potato soup from the airport…Starting to feel the downside of being a vegetarian.  Not much choice on the menu and vegi won’t hold up for long…

Time to go to bed…sleep will kill hunger…

Passed the qualifying exam! July 16, 2007

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Finally nailed that damn sucker!  It’s about time to move on!

Poor Jen and Funny! Have to be vegetarians for the next three months with me to thank God’s mercy for my passing.

Wondering if Jen will eventually get me the iPhone for celebration….

Taiwan Version of American Idol July 11, 2007

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Watched the whole season of Super Star Avenue from youtube.  It’s a Taiwanese version of American Idol.  I guess singing competition of nomal and regular college kids is going crazy in Asian as well.  People are so crazy about the program and follow so closely with every movement of each competitor.  It’s amazing how much daily media coverage about the show. 

It’s so easy to get addicted with the show and makes people want to follow through with the progress.  I hardly watch any TV program anymore these couple years.  This is the one program that I have to watch religiously every week on youtube since I started watching.  Really enjoy the music a lot.  Hope all these boys continue doing what they love to do and introduce more good music in the future. 

Degree for what? July 6, 2007

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Dr. Ratchford asked me at lunch what do I want to do with my degree?  I told him that I will try to find out if I like teaching.  If so, I will go to the market and find a good school to go.  I do like the part of doing research since that’s when I learn the most.  Publication is the only issue, but everyone has the same problem.  It’s just the nature of the job.

I told him the way I am doing my credit hours is too slow – 30 credit hours in three years.  I need a more efficient and less expensive way to get there.  He said since I already have my master degree.  I only need to finish all the required courses and the seminars.  He doesn’t really know the minimum credit hours to graduate, but he said I might want to take the useful classes since I am paying for it.  Totally agree there….

Never had a degree plan in the past.  Always just taking whatever is offered as I go.  When people ask me how long left to go for school, my answer is always “I don’t know.”  I guess it’s about time to find out after the results of qualifying exam next week…the wait is such a tortue….   

Soul Mate July 4, 2007

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“A soul mate is someone who reflects or matches your energy and your path in life.  A soul mate is someone whose power and potential are complementary to your own.  While dating and light relationships are all about fun and playfulness, soul mates are all about deep emotional support, trust and faith.  When you choose to go deeper with someone, you are opening yourself up.  To love someone and be loved is a deeply spiritual state.”

—Barrie Dolnick