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Quality Time with Julian August 4, 2007

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Spending consecutive two Friday nights with Funny and Julian since Funny has to babysit Julian.  Used to be me and Funny’s sister quality time.  It’s becoming me, Funny and Julian’s quality time. 

The boy starts to talk to us and play with us more than before.  He even called Funny’s name now.  Try to make him remember my name as well, but he just doesn’t want to say “JoJoan.”  He used to cry everytime he sees us before when we started to babysit him.  Everytime he sees Funny, he knows that mom and dad are leaving and start crying.  Nowaday, we will watch movies and play toys together without him making any fuss at all.

Can’t believe the boy is walking and talking.  Funny speaks to him in Spanish and I speak to him in English.  He will reply my questions with simple answers like “ya” or “no.”  Saying simple words like “movie”, “uno”, “ya”, “no”, “train”…Coming to get you to play toys with him…

He is really in the fun stage to hang out…