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Do I really want more responsibilities at work? April 26, 2006

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Mark said Sharon (Mark and Debra's Assistant) turned in her two week's notice today.  He is thinking about moving Michele to that role and have Mary Beth taken over Michele's responsibilities.  Mark said people are very impressed with what I have done so far (I knew I should have hidden my talent).  He will try to get an analyst head count for me to help me out if everything works out ok.  I told him that I do need the help, but I don't really want the responsibility of managing other poeple. 

To take this one person, I can totally imagine how much more works I have to take on in the future.  I am not sure if I am ready for that or if I really want to do more than I am currently doing.  I really like the job.  It's a good company with good benefits, especially the comp card and flexible hours.  I can work around with school so far.  The idea of getting the help is wonderful, however, the side effects of taking more works freak me out.   


NOVO1 April 26, 2006

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Drama continues at NOVO1…

After Cyndie got layoffs and Jeff found another job at Essilor, Melanie turned in her resignation last Friday.  She is leaving to AOL as marketing director. 

Marion emailed me today to be her reference for one of her job lead. 

Kathi wants to replace Melanie's position as soon as possible and called Leslie to see if she wants Melanie's job. 

What a drama….

We all told Leslie not to take the job since NOVO1 is a sinking ship now…

I am sure Kathi is going to freak up when she got Marion's resignation…

NOVO1 is a true case of how a stupid president can ruin a company….

Best Semester… April 19, 2006

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By the end of next Thursday, Spring 2006 will be over.  I think this might be my best semester ever since I join the program.  With Vic's help, my Bass Model turns out to be strategiclly helpful for the company.  With Sung's help, I will get at least B from my statistic class.  Comparing to the past semesters (dropping classes or C grades), this might be the best semester ever for me.  At least I am passing…  Can't wait for this semester to be over soon…  Maybe I should schedule a message appointment + a facial appointment + a nail appointment after the final. 

Hope to have a great summer semester as well…

Office Gossip April 13, 2006

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Working for the new company for 6 months by now.  I think Mark, Jason, MB and Michele start to be more opened up to me.  I am still trying to bury myself behind my computer and stay low key since my priority is more in school than at work now.  I guess that won't stop them from telling me stuffs about past employees.  Jason and Michele actually told me what happened to Pai and Sarah at different occasions.

Pai is the controversal one.  She is the one that I am replacing the position from.  I actually knew her since she is from Taiwan as well.  I met her through interviewing her with one of my Senior Research Analyst position at NOVO1.  She and Tania were actually the final two candidates back then.  Tania got the job at NOVO1 so she came here.  She and Michele worked with Mark at Club Corp in the past.  Michele told me that she went to human resource and backfire Mark with some managerial issues.  Mark got investigated and Becky eventually told Pai that she has to go.  Jason also mentioned that Pai is always complaining about who makes more money than who and demanding more for herself.  Jason said Pai is a bitter person that he could never make her happy no matter what he did.  Jason said he was actually happy that she left and he thinks I am a better fit than Pai.  I told him that I am glad to hear that.  I mean, dude, you better love me by now since I took the whole To Go Analysis out of your desk.

Well, Pai actually sent me a long email before I took this job.  She told me that if I took this job, it's going to be the biggest mistake that I will ever make in my whole life.  Back then, I wanted to get out of previous hell so bad I don't even care what job I will be getting into.  Anything will be better.  So I took the job.

Turns out that I am making a right decision since NOVO1 lost two biggest accounts this year and might be nonexistence by Christmas if they don't get any new business soon.

It's amazing how things change and sometimes a step down back then might be a big step up in the future.  Follow your heart and make the best out of the decisions you make in your life. 

Jen, Good luck with the relocation package.  NO matter where you are, you are gonna be great.

Curiosity April 11, 2006

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"The important thing is not to stop questioning.  Curiosity has its own reason for existing." — Albert Einstein

After two days of Sharpening the Saw… April 10, 2006

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Enjoy a lot of my first experience of how big corporate company educating their employees.  I like both speakers' speech.  I even have BJ Bueno, the co-author of culting the brand, signed my book.  It's unbelievable that he is only 23.  I was still in college when I was 23.  BJ is already touring and speaking to businesses and universities.  It's two days of good information about cult branding and company future directions.  It gives us a good opportunity to meet new employees and suppliers as well.

I am glad to make it to the dinner events.  Actually get to know the new suppliers Gary and Rich from Canada a little bite.  Gary was like "Joan, we are going to rock your world.  We are going to do a structural equation model for you guys."  I was actually a little bite drunk at that time. I told him "Gary, my world is very easy to rock.  You gonna have to rock Jason's (the GSS project manager who is a huge guy over 200 pounds) world first." Rich is from Taiwan as well.  We actually got to talked in Chinese during the after dinner drinking.  He just started working for Empathica a couple months ago and Brinker is going to be his new account.  Good luck, dude.  I think they are going to drive him insane.  Gary insisted to give me a big Canadian hug at the end of the night.  Rich gave him a sour look.  Just to be fair, I have to give Rich a big hug as well.  I thought they are very nice guys… I would enjoy working with them… But I was almost drunk… What do I know??

Mark is doing a great job organizing the whole event.  I over-heard Jacob complaining to Mark about the food not good in Dallas Aquarium and should arrange time for more mix-group discussions.  I felt sorry for Mark.  I think people sometimes are very un-appreicated with a lot of things.  I mean it's the two days that we don't have to work, we get to know more about the company, we get to go to a nice place to have dinner and drinks, we get to know a lot of new people that we might never have chance to speak to at all.  It's always easy for people to criticize.  Once they found something they don't like, they will just open their mouth.  The funny thing is that they didn't even do anything to help or support the event at all. 

I gave a big hug to Mark before he left on Friday and thanked him for the wonderful two days…

Why getting married? April 5, 2006

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Why do people get married?  What are the right reasons to get married? What are the wrong reasons to get married?  When two people care about each other, are in loved with each other, share the same life goals and interests, have the urge to raise a family together, and are willing to sacrifice individual desire to fulfill the desires of the loved ones, those two people should get married until death apart.  

Is it a good reason to get married because you are alone and feel lonely?  Is it a good reason to get married because it's about time or it's the pushing age for you to get married?  Is it a good reason to get married because you've been dating and living with the person for years already?  Is it a good reason to get married just because he is a nice guy and all of your friends and family love him?  Is it a good reason to get married because you know he is going to be a good father and husband type?  Is it fair to marry someone when you know you will love yourself more than loving him? 

People carring different reasons walking down the isle.  With all the reasons, what really makes people making the final commitment?  Family responsibilities? Money? Kids? Loneliness? or just for the sake of getting married…

Is it really possible to find your soul mate and marry your soul mate?  What are the chances?  What happen if you couldn't find your soul mate?  Do you settle marriage for the next best thing? or Do you keep searching for your soul mate for the rest of your life?

Action April 5, 2006

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"Start by doing what's necessary; then do what's possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible." Action breeds more action, and soon you are rolling right along. Instead of trying to "think" your way out of a "stuck" situation, try "acting" your way out.

Sharpening the Saw April 3, 2006

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The company is hosting a two-day sharpening the saw on Thur and Fri, with a dinner in the new Dallas Acquarium.  Mark asks me if I can attend the dinner on Thur night and he would like to introduce me to everyone.  I told him I can't since I have two classes back to back that night.  He looks disappointed.  Later in the staff meeting, he brought it up again.  Jason also mentioned that he won't be able to attend the dinner either.  Mark wants us to try to attend if possible since it's a big night with recognitions and all that.  So, should I skip Dr. Bass's class (with only 9 students in class, it's gonna be noticable) and go to the dinner?  Or should I be a good student and skip the dinner?  I hate this kind of dilemma…

Academic world vs. Industry world April 1, 2006

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Two different worlds, two divergent views…

In this PHD program, professors only view students who can produce research papers as valuable.  They value students who can perform complex mathmatical modeling and produce quality research results.  For students who can't meet the requirement normally drop out or wait to be fired from the program.  Those students would never receive any compliments, but only criticisms.  Professors would shoot you down on every aspects of your performance.  Nothing is ever sugar-coded.  You learn the reality in a brutal way.  There is no humanity around here (quoted from a student who is suffering).

Under this circumstance, you will see a group of students with no social life.  They don't social with anyone.  The only focus in their life is doing research (which might not be a bad thing as long as they are happy).  They don't share information.  They don't have time to help others out since they are too busy with their own researches.  The main goal for them is to product as many complex academic research papers as possible that only fewer people can understand, but will get them a good position in a high quality research university.  Those are the valuable students of the program.  Those are the professors of the future. 

Another group of students, normally the confused ones, absolutely hating the place,  always struggling to meet the minimum requirements, fearing of getting fired, mostly dropping out eventally as statistics showed.  There might be a couple of lucky ones that get pass the system with some unique approaches.  Of course, most of these students are the ones with working experience and quitting their job for a PHD degree.  With outside working experience, they might have more divergent views of doing researches. 

Coming from industry, it's really shocking in the beggining to see the other side of the world.  In a working environment, it's a custom to sugar-code everything.  You have to be sociable, willing to share information, willing to help other people, supporting other people, answering questions, solving problems for collegues or managers.  People will only stab you from the back.  You would never know who are your enemy until you are bleeding.  However, it's at your best interests to play the nice, friendly and helpful card to everyone around you.  At least, you are treated with humanity…

I don't have any slight fantacy to believe that I will become a valuable student for the program or I would produce a complicated research paper in the future.  The only goal is to survive and not being kick out for now…