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Degree for what? July 6, 2007

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Dr. Ratchford asked me at lunch what do I want to do with my degree?  I told him that I will try to find out if I like teaching.  If so, I will go to the market and find a good school to go.  I do like the part of doing research since that’s when I learn the most.  Publication is the only issue, but everyone has the same problem.  It’s just the nature of the job.

I told him the way I am doing my credit hours is too slow – 30 credit hours in three years.  I need a more efficient and less expensive way to get there.  He said since I already have my master degree.  I only need to finish all the required courses and the seminars.  He doesn’t really know the minimum credit hours to graduate, but he said I might want to take the useful classes since I am paying for it.  Totally agree there….

Never had a degree plan in the past.  Always just taking whatever is offered as I go.  When people ask me how long left to go for school, my answer is always “I don’t know.”  I guess it’s about time to find out after the results of qualifying exam next week…the wait is such a tortue….   



1. Jen - July 12, 2007

So sis…..Do we know the result of qualifying exam yet?
Should I start shopping for your gift now???

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