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After a long week of sharpening the saw… January 28, 2007

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Very nice agenda, good food and wine, clearly focus on food innovation for this year.  It’s very tiring after three long days of activities.  Get a lot of free gifts from the vendors and suppliers.  I am sure work will start coming in next week.  It will get crazy…

Needs to get back to the diet…As Vic said “are you sharpening your saw or are you fatting your ass?”  Very good point.  Completely ruin my diet plan…Got to try to kill my big fat ass in the following two months…New year resolution…Always starts on Feb…

Shocking to see Marina this Sat, she came to make copies of the class materials from me.  I gave her all the papers and books to copy.  She said “work sucks.”  I told her “now, you know.”  She said she won’t complaining about TA work anymore.  Good for her.

Work does get ugly sometimes.  That’s why I think school is less complicated.  You put your efforts in, you take your time to work on it, you get your degree eventually (hope this model works for the Phd).  Work is complicated because it doesn’t matter how hard you work.  You won’t get the credit most of the time.  It’s hard to adjust when you see your work out there and someone else is getting all the credits for it.  In school, you won’t get a good “pay,” but at least your work is yours and you will get your own credits, either good or bad…



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