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What is “happyness?” January 17, 2007

Posted by jyu in Uncategorized.

Seen a good movie “the pursuit of happyness” (happyness with a “y” instead of a “i”) lately.  A true story of Christ Gardener: how he struggled his life through a homeless to a multi-million stock broker. 

Start wondering if people are ever going to be “happy” with what they have?  Looking around: 

Someone is stress with both work and school, tiring of working 24/7, struggling to slow down and geting a break…

Someone is not happy with their job and looking around aggresively…

Someone is not happy with stucking miserablly in school and hoping to get out for a real job…

Someone keeps changing job after job and never able to stay on one thing for a long time…

Someone hates the current job and couldn’t find a way to get out…

Someone with huge debts behind and never seem to be able to get out of debt…

Someone loosing a job for a long time and doesn’t even know when will get one…

Someone is single forever and couldn’t find anyone to share the life with…


There is always someone, something, sometime, somewhere out there that people are not happy with their current situations and trying to pursuit their happyness. 

But what is “happyness?” What are people really after in their life?  Day after day, month after month, year after year, do people really find what they wanted eventually?  Or do people really know what they want and making the right decisions in the paths?  Is there really “sunlight” after the “dark tunnel?”     

Is happiness happening for only one “moment” or is it a permenent thing?  Is pursuing happiness a nonstop process or is it just a nonachievable thing?  Can one be happy with part of their life, but unhappy with the othre part? Can one remain happy even though everything can go wrong is wrong in their life? 




1. Sungha - January 18, 2007

The 3rd someone…might be me…

2. Vic - January 21, 2007

Hmm, I thot that was me…. the 3rd one

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