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Time to let go? December 28, 2006

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Am I causing the unhappy life for my little sister because I try to push her to get a better education and better job?  Growing up, Funny always wants to just have a normal life and be with families.  A job that can just make a living.  She never wants to go beyond her ability for better opportunities. 

I have been pushing her so much to get back to school for a master degree.   She, on the other hands, wants to work full time and doing school for part time.  She wants to take a job in Vegas with a H1 visa.  She doesn’t even try to look for other opportunities and just take one job that was offered to her, just for the H1.

Spending a whole year and half doing certifications and without even trying to search for relevant opportunties, I really don’t understand what’s the points.  I understand it’s hard to find a job right now that will offer her a H1 visa.  But she didn’t even try to find one at all and decided to take whatever is offered to her and take an easy way out. 

If she doesn’t want to go back to school, that’s no point for her to find a job here.  She can just go back to Taiwan and get a job there.  There is really no need for her to stay with me just because I need help with house expenses during my PhD.   I don’t want her to be stuck here in Dallas just because of me.  If she is tired of the current life and doesn’t care about a master degree, it’s really time for her to go home and time for me to let go.   



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