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Internet Dating December 14, 2006

Posted by jyu in Uncategorized.

Internet has became the most popular way to meet people for our busy lifestyle. So many websites provide services to help match your profiles with other potential relationship candidates. Can Internet really find you true love? How do you distinguish truth and lies from the internet conversation? How do you meet people without putting yourself in danger? How do you know a good website from a bad one? How did you create a profile that will draw attentions? How would you know if the profile information is truthful since it’s easy to lie on the weights, heights, age, education, income, and etc.?

Funny mentioned her friend Vicky’s experience with Internet dating. Vicky met her husband from internet and got married for several years and then finally divorced. Vicky is back to net dating again. With her experience about net dating, she stressed the importance of not sharing too much personal information. Don’t let the guys flying to visit. It’s better for girls to fly to visit the guy. With all the rules of “NOT TO DO” for net dating, how are you supposed to find truthful relationship? Aren’t you always wondering if the person you just talks to trustworthy?

It’s clear that a lot of people net dating for different purposes, with majority looking for one night stand. After all the trials and errors, how do you maintain your believes on internet dating process? Is it really worth going through the tedious processes to end up losing your hope?

What other options do you have with a busy schedule and a narrow social group?



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