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Big Bro December 10, 2006

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Talked to big bro on the MSN on Friday.  Haven’t talked to him for so long.  He mentioned that my attitude about teaching has changed compared to a couple years ago.  He said I wasn’t that interested in teaching after graduation a couple years ago, but now I sound more open to the idea.  I told him that I really haven’t thought about what I am going to do after I get my degree.  I will try to teach for a summer to see if I like it.  If I really enjoy it, I might consider going to the market.  If not, I will try to go for the other options.  I always thought about teaching after I retired, but I guess it doesn’t hurt to leave the option open if the opportunities are there.

He said he is busy with 6 hours teaching and running the labs.  Sometimes will offer diagnosis consulting in the hospital.  Sounds like he is quiet busy as well with work.  At least he is not traveling as much.  He said he is doing more web meetings and web conference nowadays.  Save him a lot of trips on the roads.

He said he will have a conference in Dallas at April 2009 and would like to come for my graduation at that time.  Big bro, let me pass the qualifer first, there is no graduation without passing that one first…



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