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Thanksgiving Dinner! November 25, 2006

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Tania did a good job with the turkey.  Christian finally reached the 30.  Julian is still the cuttest thing ever.  Athos is still happy with Chicago life and is looking for house in the downtown area to settle.  Jaime loose 40 pounds in 3 months.  A completely new and hot person.  Funny, on the other hand, is gaining so much weight lately.  It’s very worrysome.  I finally have to nag on her weight.  Peter is still trying really hard to find a new job.  Wish him the best luck.  And I, still the same me.  Of course, we miss Jen and Ya-Ching this year.

Spending Thanksgiving with the people I love makes me feel thankful.  After all these years, no matter where we are and how much has changes in our life, I feel thankful that we are still trying to have this special dinner together.

I feel thankful to be able to share life with them through all these years.  Thankful for the uncoditional supports from my sweatest sisters Jen and Funny.   



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