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Angela’s Wedding October 19, 2006

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It’s taking forever for her to set the date.  Nothing is good and eventually taking the easy way out to go to the court first and get that part taking care of.  Now it’s just the banquet part.  Early January sounds good for me.  It’s always too rush for her, but that’s a very good time since school starts on Jan 8th again.  I guess it’s gonna be a ~$2,000 banquet for me.  Jen will fly back to Taiwan if I decide to make my way back home.  Wow, on top of my $4,200 property tax and spring tuition.  I am going to have to squeeze out another $2000 to go home…Hum… I guess it’s time to take the loss and liquidate the stocks. 

Sung said next year should be a good year or turn-around year for us – the tigers.  Doesn’t feel like the wind is turning at all…”VERY DOUBTFUL”    



1. Sungha - October 19, 2006

Don’t worry and remember 塞翁之馬…

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