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Done with Summer Paper September 3, 2006

Posted by jyu in Uncategorized.

Finally, finally, and finally….it’s time to let go…it doesn’t matter how much more time you spend on it.  It’s not getting any better anyway.  It’s time to let go and pray for the best.

It’s so hard to figure things out around here.  There is no way to figure out how Jungseek, Tian, and Menish are doing since I didn’t attend the seminar.  I didn’t know how Vic and Marina is doing either.  It’s hard to believe that Marina didn’t even start writing yet.  I am sure Vic will crack something up at the time it’s due.  Sung is probably the first person that turn in his paper so far.  He is just so sick of it that he couldn’t put up with it for one more second. 

I am letting it go as well. Time to move on…

It’s pathetic that no one has time to celebrate since everyone is buried under the fall semester already….no break at all…



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