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Profit Sharing August 26, 2006

Posted by jyu in Uncategorized.

The company announced profit sharing on Friday.  The company maxed out the profit sharing % this year.  Even with only 6 months of services, the deposited check is still descent for me.  I guess I am lucky to join the company at the right time since this is the best year for them ever.  It’s awesome to receive extra cash at this time since I was tight with money after car purchase and tuition payment.

Funny already reserved her part of my profit sharing check.

It doesn’t matter how much money that comes in.  It’s how fast they goes out that really counts…



1. Jen - August 28, 2006


At least you got the money deposited into your account.
For my hard work for HK deal, I heard nothing about my supporting bonus…..The company change the policy and the deal suppot bonus for NBA is now at quarterly basis. I guess we are no longer looking into deal bonus share but the performance bonus now.

Any way, just don’t forget my name on your Xmas shopping list!!
( I want to reserve my part if your profit sharing check too!)


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