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Performance Review August 23, 2006

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Finished my performance review with Mark today.  Got an additional $2,000 pay increase for next year.  Not that much (probably not even enough to cover the gas price increase), but at least something more.  Hope the profit sharing bonus will be much more than that.  I will put my finger cross.

Since I only have 6 months history with the company, he is pretty much happy with what I have done so far.  He encourages me to shapen my consultative skills and be a subject matter expertise on modeling techniques.  He wants me to build a loyalty model with him using the new GEM and Employee studies for next year.  He also wants me to get involved in CRM program with Lisa and bridge the gap of CRM and GEM.  He said he needs me to build my rents next year so he can evolve me into a higher level position.  It all sounds very exciting for what he is wishing for.  I hope the high expectation won’t kill me when combining with the demanding school works.



1. Jen - August 25, 2006

Hey sis…
At least you get raise…
I spoek to my manager, Manish, this morning regarding the relocation. And he said that he have to push vary hard to let me maintain the same salary when relocate to Shanghai. He mentioned that if they hire someone in China and only need to pay half of what I got now. Which means there is possibility that I would need to relocate to Shanghai with pay cut! Can you believed it? He tried so hard to convience me that living cost is much lower in Shanghai and I should adjust my expectation on the offer…..
Really wonder : Going to Shanghai is really a step forward? Or step backword?

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