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Sung’s one year in the state August 12, 2006

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It’s Sung’s one year anniversary here in the state.  Although he completely hated it for his first year, we went to a movie “X-man” for celebration. 

This reminds me that I came to United State about the same time 12 years ago.  It’s my 12 years anniversary as well. 

Looking back 12 years ago, I was so determined at that time that I will be home right after I finished my graduate degree.  There is no second choice back then.  But now, 12 years later…. I am still here…. Never know what life will take you to…

12-year is a long time.  I have been through a lot during these 12 years.  A passing father, three heartbroken break-ups, putting two sisters through their education until they are on their own feet, meeting Athos and Tania, working my way to a green card, building a house in Wylie, and now sending myself back to school for a PHD.  I still remember the day I landed Dallas with two suitcases (so brave and innocent).  I would never imagine all these things will happen through these 12 years and would never thought that I will still be here.  Some of the years were really horrible.  I don’t really think I will make it as far without friends and family’s help. 

I am the kind of person that always look forward and never look back…I stick to the decision I make (either bad or good) and never regret…When bad things happen, I try to get it through, leave it behind and move on with the life.  Sung said there is one thing that he hates about me is that “you are always too optimistic without any good reasons.”  Well, the truth is I am not a super optimistic person.  I just pretend to be one so I can move on with my life.  It doesn’t matter I am moving on with a failure or with a success as long as I am moving forward.  If I don’t even pretend, I won’t make it to the 12 years.  I will probably be home 8 years ago without a degree…

Life is a bunch of ups and downs.  I just pretend it’s all ups even I am at the bottom of the bottom… 



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