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Little Funny August 6, 2006

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Davi went back to Mexico.  Funny also left Mexico for a week of visit.  I guess it’s another Peter and Jen situation.  Relationship is getting harder and harder nowadays since the person you fall in love with might not be from the same country anymore.  When it’s time to be apart, it’s always so far away apart.  Technology does help to keep in touch with each other, but the distance is still hard to bridge.  Both of my sisters are trying so hard to maintain the relationship.  Jen visited Peter in China and in USA twice a year even she is so busy with work.  She still squeezed out the time to do it.  She even tried to relocate herself to Shaighai and hoped for Peter to go back to China someday.   

Funny sent Davi home for education.  She sent Davi home with a vision to work on.  Get back to school and learn more English so he can apply for school here.  She teaches Davi how to get connected with internet and Davi went home with a laptop computer. 

Relationship is hard already when you are together.  I don’t know how two persons can make it when they are apart.  I am never a believer of long distance relationship.  Maybe it’s just because of my lazy personality.  However, both of my sisters fall into the same trap and work hard for it.  Maybe one day, they will prove me wrong…. 

Go! girls!     

My little Funny asked me before she left for Mexico, “Joan, what would you do if I find a job in the other states? You have to learn to take care of the housework by yourself.”  I told her “When the time comes, I will manage it.”  My little Funny actually grows up and is ready to explore the world. 

Sending away Jen is already really hard.  Jen is strong and the smart one in the family.  I knew she will do just fine.  It’s gonna be so hard to let go of Funny.  I know the time will come sooner or later.  I just want her to be ready before she goes out there and make all the right decisions for herself.  Am I worrying too much?  Is it really time to let go?  I guess sonner than later….   



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