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Trivia July 19, 2006

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Got the game theory mid-term exam back.  Wasn’t as bad as I expected.  I guess need to focus on the final exam and the summer research paper next… It’s such a long summer.  Wish it will be over soon…

It’s such a hot summer in Dallas… It’s like an oven out there…  Just adding the heat to this horrible summer… Wonder how much more can we take for the summer…

Funny’s new car —

Funny found the car she wanted to buy.  It took my whole saving account to pay for it.  Have to balance my account for the next two months.  Never been so low on my bank account for years.  I guess the bank account fits to the poor PHD student status now.  Jen is probably going crazy with both of her older sisters after her for money now. 

Yoga —

Sung has this Korean Yoga program on his computer.  I followed the girl and did like 30 minutes streching with her.  It does relax my shoulder and back pain a little bite.  It doesn’t make me sweat as much as running.  Not sure if I would give up running for Yoga…  

The “Type.” —

I don’t like her because she is not my “type.”  What is your type, then?  She needs to be independent, go shopping alone, singing and dancing, playing piano, running 2 miles, so and so…  Do people really look for their type?  Or more importantly, do people really end up with their type?  I guess there are certain characteristics that people are looking for in their future significant others.  The bigger question is that are we putting too much constraints when we are searching?  What happen when we meet someone we really like but is completely not the type we are looking for?  Do we reject her or him right in the beginning?

“She/he is too young/old.”  “She/he is too ugly.”  “She/he can’t sing and dance.”  She/he can’t cook.”  If we place too much weights on the “type,”  are we ever gonna find that special someone?  Are we just fantacizing too much here?

What is life?

–Life just goes on.

–Another twisted answer from my older sister: “Life is like a rape.  If you can’t fight it, you may as well as enjoying it.”

What is the purpose of life?




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