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Masochist? June 10, 2006

Posted by jyu in Uncategorized.

Is it really crazy for a woman in her early 30 with a decent job to go back to school for PHD?  People asked "Why are you putting yourself through all this pains for no reason?" "You are making a decent money.  The PHD won't make any differences for you.  Why are you doing it?" "Why don't we quit together?" "When are you going to have time to get married?" "I think you belong to this category called masochist?" 

What about dreams? What about achieving lifetime goals?  What's wrong with having a big dream?  Well, might not be able to achieve it eventually, but doesn't hurt for trying?  People always say "No pain! no gain!"

It's not a normal lifestyle – no TV, no shopping, no social life, no time for anything else besides study.  It's only work and school.  Nothing more, nothing less.  At least it's simple and worry free.  I really enjoy it when I learn new things everyday.    

Maybe someday I will wake up in the morning, feel the stupidity of this whole journey and quit.  Maybe someday a life changing event kicks me out of school.  Maybe…

But until then… it's ok to be a masochist.  "Life is like a box of chocolate.  You never know what you will get." 



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