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Atlanta day2 & day3 May 12, 2006

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The first group of OTB turned out to be productive.  Got a lot of information about personalities of OTB.  The second group was just completely dead.  A couple of participants were just standing there with armed cross and not able to say much about their experience with OTB.

The first group of RMG was actually good, but can't really get a read on the RMG personalities.  The group can't actually give deeper dive on the service components.  We had a discussion before the the second group.  Mark actually probed even harder on the second group so we get more in-depth information on RMG personalities. 

I will say 5 out of the 6 groups are sucessful.  The only bad one is probably due to the bad recruiting. 

It's a very different experience for a researcher.  As a quantitive researcher, never been a big believer in qualitative research in the past.  You can't generalized the data you collect from qualitative data.

However, getting face to face of your customers and listen to what they feel about your restaurant really puts a different perspective for me.  You might not be able to run frequencies or do significant testing on the data.  But focus groups do give researchers exploratory information about the underlying components that customers are really looking for.  It's not just about getting it right on the food and service.  It's the underlying feeling and emotional components that you provide when you are getting your food and service right.  Those underlying components are never going to show up on the quantitative data. 

Who would know that Margarita actually creates a fun and up-beat atmosphere and makes "my wife somewhat more attractive" and cleanliess of restroom >> cleanliness of restaurant >> safety and security of food >> a reflection of how management care about their customers.

It really broadens my thinking on what customers are really looking for when dining out.

Had a couple of drinks with Mark and Rich after the final group.  Got to head back to Dallas tomorrow.  Time to go to bed.  Good night Atlanta.   



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