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Atlanta Day 1 May 10, 2006

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It's really not a good idea to fly early in the morning.  Get up before 5:00am.  Drive myself to the airport.  Pass the park and fly exit.  Went to the airport remote parking.  Hopped on to the wrong shuttle bus that goes to terminal A, B, D, E rather then C.  Got out of the terminal E (after 30 mins touring the airport).  Took the terminal link bus to terminal C.  Arrived the counter at 6:30am and of course the flight was gone already.  Had to catch the next flight.  Took the skyline train to the correct gate.  Finally, got to the right gate for boarding after the airport tours.  Lesson #1:  just park at the terminal next time when late.  It's $16 per day, but might get you on the right gate.  Lesson #2:  make sure the shuttle bus goes where you want to go before you hop on.  Lesson #3:  try to get up earlier when you have to drive yourself to the airport. Well, at least I have my first experience with terminal link bus and skyline train in one day….   Arrived around noon at Atlanta.  Of course, I can't make it to the 1:00pm meeting.  Mark went to the meeting without me.  Got on the North Spring Marta train in Atlanta and exited the Medical Center Station.  Called for the hotel shuttle bus.  Finally arrived at the hotel at 1:00pm. Can't believe I screwed up so bad on the first day. Met Rich at 4:00pm to go over the process of focus group.  Went to the facilities for the groups.  The group facility is actually fun.  It was three rooms connected.  One room with tables and chairs for about 10 persons, with a glass wall.  Behind the glass is another room where observers observing the focus groups.  There is another game room connecting to it with all the fun stuffs where observers watching the groups on the recorded TV.  The room has all kinds of fun stuffs (food, drinks, chess, massage chair, and nice couch).  I guess researchers are drinking beers and watching the groups like watching a sport's game behind the glass.  Since I am the only person behind the glass, I have to take detailed notes during the process.  Intead of drinking a couple of beers and enjoying the groups,  I was taking notes like nonstop…  Hopefully, I will have much more fun with day2 and day3 groups… 



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