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PHD boys May 7, 2006

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Are all the PHD boys so different or am I just overreacting again?

Friday night, I got out of work and went to school to do my routine email checking.  Walked down the hallway, there are about 4-5 PHD students chatting, all boys.  I said hi to everyone and asked them if there is a party going on here.  They just said hi or nodded their head.  Everyone stopped the conversation right there and looked very serious on their face.  I thought I might have interrupted some important conversations.  So I walked into my office and checked my email.  Then, there were some whispers outside the door and the meeting was off.  They all left in none of seconds to go out for dinner.  Vic came back and asked me if I want to go to dinner with them.  I told him I need five minutes.  He left with them. 

It felt really shitty.  Felt like I am such an intruder and are rejected.  I didn't even do anything wrong and got all the cold shoulders for saying hi to everyone.  Completely ruin my Friday evening.

I called Tania and asked if I can stop by to play with Julian.  Julian can sit still now.  Haven't seen the boy for two months and he is much more sturdy now.  I played with Julian for a couple of hours and calmed myself down.  Baby is just the cuttiest thing in the world.  Julian turned a shitty night to a more pleasant night.  I love baby boys, but I hate PHD boys.  Why boys become nasty animals when they grow up?

I got home and hit straight to the bed.     



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