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Asian Festival May 7, 2006

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There was an Asian Festival in Fair Park this Sat.  Went with Vic on Sat afternoon.  Vic kept complaining about no India in the Asian Festival.  There were no India food, no India crowd, and no India performance in the Festival.  Well, at least we saw the India signs in two booths.  I didn't even see any Taiwan sign anywhere at all.  It's like we are non-existence. 

We both grabbed some Tai food and sat down for some performance.  We saw some kids dances, dances from some teenager girls, martial arts performance.  I enjoyed it a lot.  Very impressed with the martial arts performance.  At a later time, we started to see some india coming to the festival.  I told Vic the Asian Festival is going to become the India Festival after 4:00pm. 

Then, all of the sudden, the rain started to pouring in.  I guess the India Festival was ruined.  We had to ran back to our car with this pouring rain.  We got soaking wet.

We then decided to go visit the Science Place museum and watch the 3D movie called "The Elephant Kingdom."  The museum is like a kindergarden playground.  All kids…  We felt so misplaced.

The elephant movie is interesting.  I did learn some stuffs new about elephants.  The problem is that the theater is like a freezer.  It's like freaking freezing.  I though I was going to become an ice cube.

Such an adventurous Saturday…        



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