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Atlanta Travel 05/09/06 – 05/12/06 May 5, 2006

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Lisa comes today and wants me to go to New York with her for a meeting with PM groups for the traffic decline analysis.  I told her I can't go with her since I am going to Atlanta for GEM focus groups.  Such a hot week for traveling.  She said maybe next time then. 

All of the sudden, everyone starts sending in their requests before you have to leave for a week.  And of course, they all want it done before you leave town.  Godly, that's why I hate traveling.  Things keep piling up before and after. 

The groups are all scheduled after 6:00pm at night.  That means we are going to work at nights for three nights.  Mark also scheduled tons of meeting with brand tracking suppliers during the datetime.  He also wants me to take the department laptop with me so I have access to work server.  Sounds like it's going to be a stressful trip. 

However, this is the first time I involve in focus groups.  It's a new experience.  I hope those are fun groups and say things that are useful for us.  At least give us some useful and actionable suggestions so we can provide good insights to the new GEM. 

I really hope it's not wasting of my time… Don't really have much of time to waste this summer… 



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