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Office Gossip April 13, 2006

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Working for the new company for 6 months by now.  I think Mark, Jason, MB and Michele start to be more opened up to me.  I am still trying to bury myself behind my computer and stay low key since my priority is more in school than at work now.  I guess that won't stop them from telling me stuffs about past employees.  Jason and Michele actually told me what happened to Pai and Sarah at different occasions.

Pai is the controversal one.  She is the one that I am replacing the position from.  I actually knew her since she is from Taiwan as well.  I met her through interviewing her with one of my Senior Research Analyst position at NOVO1.  She and Tania were actually the final two candidates back then.  Tania got the job at NOVO1 so she came here.  She and Michele worked with Mark at Club Corp in the past.  Michele told me that she went to human resource and backfire Mark with some managerial issues.  Mark got investigated and Becky eventually told Pai that she has to go.  Jason also mentioned that Pai is always complaining about who makes more money than who and demanding more for herself.  Jason said Pai is a bitter person that he could never make her happy no matter what he did.  Jason said he was actually happy that she left and he thinks I am a better fit than Pai.  I told him that I am glad to hear that.  I mean, dude, you better love me by now since I took the whole To Go Analysis out of your desk.

Well, Pai actually sent me a long email before I took this job.  She told me that if I took this job, it's going to be the biggest mistake that I will ever make in my whole life.  Back then, I wanted to get out of previous hell so bad I don't even care what job I will be getting into.  Anything will be better.  So I took the job.

Turns out that I am making a right decision since NOVO1 lost two biggest accounts this year and might be nonexistence by Christmas if they don't get any new business soon.

It's amazing how things change and sometimes a step down back then might be a big step up in the future.  Follow your heart and make the best out of the decisions you make in your life. 

Jen, Good luck with the relocation package.  NO matter where you are, you are gonna be great.



1. Jen - April 25, 2006


Good to know that your life in Baker is getting more juicy now.
I do miss all the drama from NOVA1!!!!
About the relocation….hum..let’s see how my hard work will take me to. Will is be a step down or step up, who know, but I tried! That’s the point, isn’t it?

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