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After two days of Sharpening the Saw… April 10, 2006

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Enjoy a lot of my first experience of how big corporate company educating their employees.  I like both speakers' speech.  I even have BJ Bueno, the co-author of culting the brand, signed my book.  It's unbelievable that he is only 23.  I was still in college when I was 23.  BJ is already touring and speaking to businesses and universities.  It's two days of good information about cult branding and company future directions.  It gives us a good opportunity to meet new employees and suppliers as well.

I am glad to make it to the dinner events.  Actually get to know the new suppliers Gary and Rich from Canada a little bite.  Gary was like "Joan, we are going to rock your world.  We are going to do a structural equation model for you guys."  I was actually a little bite drunk at that time. I told him "Gary, my world is very easy to rock.  You gonna have to rock Jason's (the GSS project manager who is a huge guy over 200 pounds) world first." Rich is from Taiwan as well.  We actually got to talked in Chinese during the after dinner drinking.  He just started working for Empathica a couple months ago and Brinker is going to be his new account.  Good luck, dude.  I think they are going to drive him insane.  Gary insisted to give me a big Canadian hug at the end of the night.  Rich gave him a sour look.  Just to be fair, I have to give Rich a big hug as well.  I thought they are very nice guys… I would enjoy working with them… But I was almost drunk… What do I know??

Mark is doing a great job organizing the whole event.  I over-heard Jacob complaining to Mark about the food not good in Dallas Aquarium and should arrange time for more mix-group discussions.  I felt sorry for Mark.  I think people sometimes are very un-appreicated with a lot of things.  I mean it's the two days that we don't have to work, we get to know more about the company, we get to go to a nice place to have dinner and drinks, we get to know a lot of new people that we might never have chance to speak to at all.  It's always easy for people to criticize.  Once they found something they don't like, they will just open their mouth.  The funny thing is that they didn't even do anything to help or support the event at all. 

I gave a big hug to Mark before he left on Friday and thanked him for the wonderful two days…



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