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Why getting married? April 5, 2006

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Why do people get married?  What are the right reasons to get married? What are the wrong reasons to get married?  When two people care about each other, are in loved with each other, share the same life goals and interests, have the urge to raise a family together, and are willing to sacrifice individual desire to fulfill the desires of the loved ones, those two people should get married until death apart.  

Is it a good reason to get married because you are alone and feel lonely?  Is it a good reason to get married because it's about time or it's the pushing age for you to get married?  Is it a good reason to get married because you've been dating and living with the person for years already?  Is it a good reason to get married just because he is a nice guy and all of your friends and family love him?  Is it a good reason to get married because you know he is going to be a good father and husband type?  Is it fair to marry someone when you know you will love yourself more than loving him? 

People carring different reasons walking down the isle.  With all the reasons, what really makes people making the final commitment?  Family responsibilities? Money? Kids? Loneliness? or just for the sake of getting married…

Is it really possible to find your soul mate and marry your soul mate?  What are the chances?  What happen if you couldn't find your soul mate?  Do you settle marriage for the next best thing? or Do you keep searching for your soul mate for the rest of your life?



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