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Oscar Movies March 13, 2006

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Pride and Prejudice, Walk the line, and Capote. Love the first two, but absolutely hate the last one. 

Pride and prejudice – got to love the mom and dad and the troubles that they have to go through to marry their five daughters to the “richies.”  Of course, a happy ending movie.  Love always prevails (such a cliche). Not necessary happening in the real life, but hopeful for the hopeless love searching crowds. 

Walk the lines – Big learning for “don’t do the drugs” as Vic mentioned.  I am impressed with the “propose” skills of Jonny Cash.  Never take no for an answer, just keep asking until she said “yes.”  Good skill to have for salesperson and for man who wants to have a wife.

Capote – Just can’t stand the way Trumen talks.  It’s like killing me every time he starts talking.  Slow movie again.  Probably worse than brokeback mountain on the slowness.  What’s up with this year’s Oscar?  It’s a good story, but the guy is just annoyed when he talks.  I am sure not all the gay guys have to talk like that…

Of course, murphy’s law, miss the Crash.  Strongly recommended by Vic for “an Oscar movie with the most cursing words.”  Got to catch up on that one next…

Thanks to Oscar.  Now I know “It’s hard out there to be a pimp.”




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