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A cult brand… March 13, 2006

Posted by jyu in Uncategorized.

“Cults will flatter you.  They will make you feel special and individual in a way that you are unlikely to have felt before.  They will celebrate the very things that make you feel different from everyone else; the members will get to know you deep down, and they will love you for what they find.

And you will love them.  It will feel good to be recognized for who you really are.  All the little compromises that you may have made to “get alone” in life – the small or large tradeoffs most of us make for social acceptance – will disappear.  You can be yourself. 

To generate this response cult organizations need to separate themselves from the status quo.  They must exist outside the norms of the culture to appeal to those who feel alienated by those norms.  The cult will provide a perfect fit.  It does this by both recognizing and celebrating its potential menbership’s difference, and establishing its own.  It needs to say “you’re different, we’re differnt too.”



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