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Having a good teacher; priceless March 9, 2006

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Never feel that having a good teacher is such a fortunate thing for a person’s life until I met one.  Since I started the program, I haven’t been able to make any decent grade so far.  I guess I am lucky to meet Sung.  After I made a single digit grade again on the first quiz in the statistics class.  I knew the history is replaying again and I have to do something.  With my desparation, I forced Sung to tutor me on statistics either he wants to do it or not.  Thank God he is a patient guy and a good teacher.  No more single digit grade on statistics and I am actually learning much more from him than any teachers I had in the past.  The difference is like night and day.  It’s priceless having a good teacher….

Sung actually named my brain as a “stone.”  He said in Korean, if a student has a bad brain, they said the student has a “stone brain.”  He said he is carving my “stone brain.”  So philosophical.  Never known any Koreans in the past.  I wonder if all Koreans are like this one.  

Hum, is he actually telling me that I am a “moron” on my face or is he just making an analogy???  Anyway, it’s still much better than Vic’s comment about “dying in a car accident is much better than sharing an office with me” the other day.  Godly, I am so used to all these verbal abuses that they will just throw them on my face without even a second thought…  Guys are so lack of sensitivity.  Doesn’t matter if they are Korean or Indian…  Might need to remind them to be more sensitive with the other girls (because some of them might cry)… 



1. Sungha - March 12, 2006

Carving your stone…
It is hard to carve your stone…
However, once carved, it never disappears…

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