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Work is shitty; school is depressing; What now? February 23, 2006

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Start getting the sweet taste of office politics this quarterly presentation event.  I spent all that time doing the analysis for Maggiano’s customer profiles and Chili’s analysis. Ending up the vendor who is doing the presentation said “we did an analysis for Maggiano’s” and basically quoting my analysis results during the presentation.  Hello, in front of me… I am there as well.  What the hell do you think you can claim the analysis when you have done nothing… Is this how vendor treating their clients nowaday??  #$*$&*()@#$*

With Chili’s analysis, spend all that time doing the analysis, ending up Eric took all the analysis results and compile into his own presentation and presented himself to the brand during the quarterly presentation. So we can’t even attend his presentation. 

What is up with people?  Stealing other people’s hard work and taking credits left and right and getting away with it as well.  This just makes me so mad. 

Anyway, they can steal whatever information they want to steal.  What they can not steal is up in my head.  That’s more important than anything else… 


Right after Sun’s depression with school, claiming that he wants to quit the whole thing and go home because he is in serious home sick… 

Marina is having issues with the professor and intentionally missing classes…  I guess she have enough with the program as well 

And now, Vic said he doesn’t know why he is doing what he is doing… I can’t believe even Vic is down… At least he is easy to fix.  Just need to feed him and he is back and running…

Marina and Sun are harder to get around…. It’s all mental… 

Godly, this program is just full of depression.  It’s so intense that not any normal person can stay put… 

I really don’t know what I am going to get out from here… Maybe I am just wasting my time as well especially with my weak background in math…  A dream might still be a dream…. Doesn’t matter how hard you try… When the gap is huge… 

This is gonna break my heart…





1. Jen - February 24, 2006

Hello my dear sister…

Remember? It is not what you can get from this program at the end. It is what you have learned from this program during the process.
And you know that in the bottom of your hart, you prefer to read more research paper than watching stupid soap opera!
Just keep looking up!!!!!


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