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When and how to say “no” at work? February 17, 2006

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Feel serious dumping at work.  Maggiano’s analysis is like never gonna be done.  Revision after revision (V6).  Debra needs to get her own hand on the presentation deck.  I mean the analysis is done.  My job is done. I should not be the one fixing your stupid color and font.  What a wasting of my time and the company money?

Chili’s urban analysis – Eric keeps asking running crosstabs on little thing that I don’t even know if they are relevant.  I mean, I love to help you to run all that numbers, but it’s quarterly reporting period.  Can we do it some other time?  I think the story is so straight forward that Asians don’t like you.  Just get the big picture.  It’s not gonna help you to see all the other numbers.  It’s still the same story you are getting. 

Reviewing all the brand tracker quarterly powerpoint presentations.  I mean, I don’t mind doing it.  However, I don’t even know the project well enough to understand what’s going on with each brand and what do they want with it.  Mark, that’s like too much trust here.  I am a analyst, not a project manager.  Is this a sign that I might be the one who is going to manager this project for you and do all the project management work for you?  It’s scary.  I don’t think I am such a good project management person…

I am not sure what’s the problem with the vendor.  Jennifer will be so nice when talking to Mark, but she will just keep saying no with everything that I ask her to look at.  Get a grip, girl.  I am not your ememy.  I am doing you a favor to go through the deck with you.  I mean it’s better that I found the errors and have you double checks on the issues before you go out there presenting to all your clients.  It’s not even my project (yet??).     

When you are overwhelmed with all the work?  When and how did you say no, especially they are your internal clients who are using the information of your study?  As long as they are using the data you support, you have a job.   So should you say no to them at all or should you just say “yes”, but “later.”  It’s a job.  Sometimes you just have to suck it up and do it without any choices. 

As Jaime said  “At least you have a comp card” 

I guess I shouldn’t be complaining……..  At least I got a comp card…. That said it all, isn’t it? 




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