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Brokeback Mountain February 12, 2006

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A so called “gay cowboy” movie by Ang Lee.  8 oscar nominations.  A must go movie since it’s the “tradition” movie with Dad.  Went with Vic, Sun, Marina and her fiancee this weekend.  Marina and the fiancee are definitely not very fond of the movie.  Sun might be in a cultural shock now.  Vic wants to watch “final destination III” from the begining.  Consider a failure movie night. 

The movie is definitely too slow.  Not going to appeal to general public, especially in Texas.  However, it’s still a good movie with the contents and controversials.  A movie makes people ponder. 

I guess I am lucky to have good gay friends all these years so that I become more open-minded, acceptable, understanding and not as judgemental.

Athidos, remember, I didn’t even find out about you after knowing you for two years.  We become such good friends that I didn’t have any other choices but to accept you.  You lucky bastard.  Later on, Jaime comes alone.  Never met anyone with such a good heart that you can’t even disgust him.  Anyway, you guys are great.  Teach me how to become a “happy shinny” person, in a sense a “gay” person.  Thanks for the great attitude all these years.  Love you guys.   



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