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Bad News and Good News February 1, 2006

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Bad:  Received a court order to appear in front of the court on Feb 7th 7:00PM for the speeding ticket.  I guess my intent to dismiss the ticket got lose in the mail by the stupid post office.  Guess what, I can’t go to the court at that time since I have a statistic test on Feb 7th 5:30pm.  Try to change to date with the court and it’s a negative.  There is my only chance to do it.  Damn, I think I am paying the ticket and let the second ticket going on my driving record now.  Before anyone start screaming at me, I double check with the texas department public safety website and it takes four tickets to get my license dismiss.  So I am still ok with two up there.

Good news: I am officially a Brinkerhead now.  Just sign the offer letter and will start permanent tomorrow.  Wow, eating Chili’s for 100% off now.  Got to go get my comp card.     




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