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Poo January 22, 2006

Posted by jyu in Uncategorized.

One day in class, this guy was talking about something funny.  He claimed that in 1940’s, “Poo” is a slang meaning “new.”  Imagine people saying what’s “poo” to you when they see you.  So here you go… What’s the poos, guys??



1. JAIME - January 25, 2006

Hey Boo, I like your poo!

Also, we are Poocomers to your blog, let us know the latest poos!

Also in the 1960s to tell someone that he is “Fresh” meant that he was “Rude” and did you know that the word “Gay” which means “Happy” was initially used as slang for “prostitute” in the early 1900s?

Finally, during the 1910s the big craze in the high society was to misspell words and phrases. That is when people started using the phrase “Oll Korrect” to mean “Certainly” and the abbreviation was of course “O.K.”

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