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3.5 miles/350 Calories January 22, 2006

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Feel so sick of reading the research papers.  It’s like never ending – one research paper after the other.  So decided to go to the activity center and let the stress out of the way.  Get on the trademill and watch the Fox New at the same time (the only chance I have to watch TV since I don’t have cable at home).  The next thing I know – it’s 3.5 miles and 350 calories after.  This Chinese guy from Shanghei was impressed with my performance.  I told him that’s because after a whole week of working and studying.  I have to let it all out at one time since I only have time to work out once a week. 

Makes me feel good to get back running again.  Vic, thanks for pushing me to go.  You are my new workout buddy now.  I am dumping my old workout buddy.  Since Peter hurted his back, we never get back to our jogging routine anymore (poor MOMO!). 

NOW, back to school and continue with my “Will it ever fly, Modeling the Takeoff of Really New Consumer Durables” – Peter Golder and Gerard Tellis paper.  I wish I understood what this dude is trying to say after all that reading. 



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