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Robert’s Divorce January 21, 2006

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Irena is going back to Russia.  Here comes the divorce like what we’ve expected.  She couldn’t even hang for two years for the green card.  Only 4 months… after going all the way with the weddings and everything… only 4 months.  I was gonna bet on 2 years back then.  Thank god I didn’t put my money on that 2 years.  Will lose me a fortune.  Godly, only 4 months… what a shocker…

I mean, I felt sorry to Robert, but how can a guy be so blindly in love that he couldn’t see this coming.  The warning signs are all over the place.  Everyone told him not to do it, but he still go all the way just to be married.  It’s like the reason he is still alive is to get married.  It doesn’t matter who the girl is, where she comes from, what she does.  As long as she said “yes.” 

I just don’t see the point.  Maybe that’s why I am still single.  But being single should be better than being divorce.



1. d4ft - January 21, 2006

Oooo!!! Personal!! Glee!!
First Comment!!

2. JAIME - January 22, 2006


You would make a sexy divorcee!


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